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The legendary Andre the Giant, known for his enormous stature and wrestling prowess, captivated the world with his larger-than-life presence. While his public life was filled with acclaim and attention, his personal life, especially the details about his wife, remains a subject of curiosity and intrigue. This article delves into the life of Andre the Giant’s wife, shedding light on who she was and the life they shared together.

Who Was Andre the Giant’s Wife?

Andre the Giant, whose real name was André René Roussimoff, was married to Jean Christensen. Little is widely known about Jean Christensen before her relationship with Andre, but her life became closely intertwined with the wrestling legend’s after they met. Their meeting is often described as somewhat serendipitous, occurring through Andre’s involvement in the wrestling industry. Jean was reportedly involved in the public relations aspect of wrestling, which eventually led to their paths crossing.

Their Relationship and Marriage

The relationship between Andre and Jean was marked by a sense of genuine affection and mutual respect. Despite the challenges posed by Andre’s demanding career and the constant media scrutiny, their bond remained strong. Andre’s towering presence and Jean’s supportive nature complemented each other, forming a unique partnership.

Their marriage was not just a union of two people but also a blending of different worlds. Andre, often on the road for wrestling matches, found a sense of normalcy and stability with Jean. Their relationship provided him a refuge from the grueling demands of his career. Jean, on the other hand, embraced the complexities of being married to a global icon, managing her personal life with grace and resilience.

Life Away from the Spotlight

While Andre the Giant’s public persona was filled with larger-than-life stories and extraordinary feats, his private life with Jean was more subdued and centered around simple pleasures. Jean played a crucial role in maintaining a semblance of normalcy in their household. Despite Andre’s celebrity status, they strived to create a home environment that was as ordinary as possible.

Jean and Andre had one daughter together, Robin Christensen Roussimoff, born in 1979. Robin has spoken in various interviews about her father and the challenges of growing up as the child of such a famous figure. Jean’s role as a mother was integral in providing Robin with a stable upbringing, often shielding her from the intense media scrutiny that accompanied Andre’s fame.

Challenges of Their Marriage

Marrying a global superstar came with its set of challenges. Andre’s career required extensive travel, which meant long periods away from home. This put a strain on their relationship, as maintaining a family life became increasingly difficult with Andre’s constant absences. Additionally, Andre’s health issues, stemming from his acromegaly (a condition caused by excess growth hormone), added another layer of complexity to their marriage. Jean had to balance her role as a supportive wife while also managing the practical aspects of their household during Andre’s frequent absences.

Despite these challenges, Jean remained a steadfast presence in Andre’s life. Their relationship was characterized by a deep understanding and mutual support. Jean’s resilience and ability to adapt to the unique circumstances of their life together were crucial in maintaining their bond.

Legacy and Remembrance

Andre the Giant passed away in 1993, leaving behind a legacy that continues to resonate within the wrestling community and beyond. Jean Christensen, while not as publicly prominent, played an undeniable role in his life and legacy. Her support and dedication contributed significantly to Andre’s ability to navigate the demands of his career and personal life.

In the years following Andre’s death, Jean and their daughter Robin have kept his memory alive. Robin, in particular, has been vocal about her father’s legacy, participating in documentaries and interviews to share insights about Andre’s life beyond the wrestling ring. Jean’s influence is evident in Robin’s efforts to honor her father’s memory and ensure that his story is told with authenticity and respect.

The Impact of Andre’s Fame on His Family

The immense fame of Andre the Giant inevitably impacted his family life. Jean Christensen had to navigate the complexities of being married to a man whose public persona was as much a part of his identity as his private self. The constant attention from fans and the media meant that their family life was often under scrutiny. Jean’s ability to handle this with dignity and poise speaks volumes about her character.

Robin Christensen Roussimoff, their daughter, has shared in interviews how her mother managed to create a nurturing environment despite the challenges posed by Andre’s fame. Jean’s efforts to provide a stable upbringing for Robin involved shielding her from the more intrusive aspects of her father’s celebrity status. This balance was crucial in allowing Robin to develop her own identity while still appreciating her father’s legacy.

Jean Christensen’s Life After Andre

Following Andre the Giant’s death, Jean Christensen maintained a relatively low profile. She chose to focus on her family and personal life rather than seeking the limelight. Her decision to remain private underscores her desire to lead a life separate from the public persona of her late husband.

Jean’s legacy, much like Andre’s, is reflected in their daughter Robin, who continues to speak about her father’s life and career. Robin’s endeavors in keeping Andre’s memory alive through various platforms are a testament to the strong familial bonds that Jean helped nurture. Jean’s impact on both Andre and Robin’s lives is evident in the way they have chosen to remember and honor Andre the Giant.


The story of Andre the Giant’s wife, Jean Christensen, is one of quiet strength and unwavering support. While Andre the Giant’s fame and larger-than-life persona captured the world’s attention, Jean’s role in his life was equally significant. Her ability to provide stability and support in the face of numerous challenges speaks to her resilience and dedication.

Jean Christensen’s influence extended beyond her marriage to Andre, shaping the life of their daughter and contributing to the legacy that continues to celebrate Andre the Giant. Through her, we gain a deeper understanding of the man behind the myth, and the family that stood by him. Jean’s story, though less publicized, is an integral part of Andre the Giant’s enduring legacy.

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